Return of money, replacement of goods for a similar, solution of problems with postal services.

Dear customers! Online shop "Thai Goods" guarantees that your orders will be sent in exact accordance with the goods you selected. In the absence of any product, we will necessarily agree its replacement with another similar product or we will return the full cost of this product.

Full prepayment in our store is due to the lack of cash on delivery with international mail (all orders are sent by us from Thailand, Pattaya).

If you choose "payment cards and visa master card" you make a transfer to Yandex purse, which is fully identified! We have provided the Yandex Money campaign with all the passport details that have been verified and confirmed by them! This method of payment has been working since 2015 and no complaints have been received from customers yet!

After sending your order (within 5 working days after payment) for the safety of your order and the speed of its delivery is responsible for Thailand Post and Russian Post (or any other country where your parcel is sent). We have been working since January 2015 and during this time not a single premise has been lost! In case your parcel is delayed at any of the intermediate points, you can write a search application at your post office. To do this, you will need a passport, a parcel track number, a return address of departure and a photo of a postal check. All these data we provide on your request.

Track-number of the parcel with your order and photo of the parcel already sent to the dispatch from the post office, we send to your e-mail.

In 95% of cases the delivery time is as follows: surface 17-25 days, air 14-16 days. In other cases, the parcel may be waiting for a check at the customs office or sending it to the country of destination while in the container. At the same time, the delivery time can increase and here we can not help you at all - this is the quality of the mail.

In individual cases, goods are stolen from parcels (4 cases in 3 years). Therefore, when you receive the parcel, check the weight that was specified on the parcel at shipment and the actual weight, upon receipt. Mail employees are obliged to draw up an act of opening a parcel and compensate you for the cost of lost goods.

In any case, we try to make your expectation of the purchased order as comfortable as possible - in the email-report about sending your order there is necessarily a link to the tracking site with the track number of your shipment already listed. To view the status of finding your package, simply click on this link once.

Successful to you of purchases!