Thai drugs for the treatment of diseases. Capsules on medicinal herbs and medicines from pharmacies in Thailand.

Thai drugs for the treatment of diseases. Capsules on medicinal herbs and medicines from pharmacies in Thailand.
Thai balm from Dr. Mo Sink, 50 grams.
364.00 р.
Doctor of Thai medicine Mo Sink has developed his own original recipe for medicinal herbal medicinal balms. Its preparations possess a number of useful properties and are extremely effective. There are several types of balm, differing in color - white and yellow-green. White balm is used for: ..
Thai capsules G-Herb for the treatment and prevention of cancer, 60 capsules.
5,600.00 р.
Capsules G-Herb - one of the latest developments of scientists in Thailand. They are used to treat and prevent malignant neoplasms, improve efficiency and at the same time minimize the aggressiveness of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Capsules G-Herb were created by a long-liver doctor named ..
Thai cough syrup based on the mouse, 120 ml.
336.00 р.
Syrup for treatment of cough based on the embryo, also called amla and Indian gooseberry. Designed and released in Thailand. Syrup cures cough, relieves sore throat. Its advantage is that it is suitable for treating all kinds of cough, including spasmolytic and caused by a bad habit - smoking. ..
Thai cough syrup with herbs, 60 ml.
224.00 р.
Syrup for the treatment of cough, based on medicinal herbs. Suitable for adults and small children (from 2 years of age). Produced in Thailand. Composition of syrup As part of the syrup is 100% natural and, as a result, effective and at the same time safe substances: ● licorice extract; ●..
Thai herbal cough drops and sore throat Ma Kham Pom, 40 pcs.
112.00 р.
These tablets are designed and manufactured in Thailand - in a country in which people know how to use the gifts of nature for the benefit of man. They help relieve cough with colds, as well as other pathologies with respiratory complications. Dragees are based on medicinal herbs and do not conta..
Thai herbal remedy for hemorrhoids Abhaibhubejhr, 10 grams.
308.00 р.
This tool is created on the most modern equipment, but according to traditional Thai recipes, making it effective and at the same time safe. Used to treat hemorrhoids. How does the remedy work? The presented development of physicians from Thailand works in several directions: 1. Th..
Thai ointment for the treatment of colds TIFFYRUB.
196.00 р.
This therapeutic ointment from one of the Thai producers, the Tiffyrub brand, is a "wand stick" for those who have been knocked down because of a cold or flu, but tomorrow he should be at work, at a wedding with someone from relatives and etc. Due to the fact that it is 100% natural, you can easi..
Thai remedy for cold symptoms IYAFIN, 4 tablets.
75.60 р.
Tablets for the treatment of colds and flu. Designed and manufactured in Thailand. Available in very small boxes of four. The results from the use of tablets for the treatment of colds and flu:   First, the nose is cleaned. All secretions are gone, the congestion disappears. ..
Thai syrup Tiffy dey for relieving cold symptoms, 60 ml.
476.00 р.
Syrup with two main substances - paracetamol and chlorphenamine. One of the most effective ways to “get up” with colds and flu. Produced by Tiffy (Thailand). The volume of the jar is 60 ml. The result of the use of syrup There are several results from using syrup: ● first, breathin..
Thai tablets Fa Talay John for the treatment of colds and flu, 70 tablets.
294.00 р.
Fa Talay John Tablets for Cold and Flu Thai tablets Fa Talay John, created on the basis of andrographis paniculata, are an excellent remedy for the prevention and treatment of flu and colds. The plant grows in Southeast Asia and has long been used by local people as a medicine. Currently, it..
Thai tablets to eliminate the symptoms of diarrhea and treat intestinal DISENTO infections, 4 tablets.
0.00 р.
Each of us, at least once in his life, faced such an unpleasant situation as an acute attack of diarrhea. And it was very difficult to solve the problem. If you are planning something serious, for example, a state examination at a university or a meeting with a business partner, buy Thai Dis..
Thai traditional balms WANGPROM 50 grams.
420.00 р.
Thai traditional balms prescription doctor Wangprom made on the basis of herbs growing in the countries of Southeast Asia. They have several varieties in direction of the action. Are distinguished by the color of the substance:     Green Balm - the structure includes barl..
The capsules oyster calcium KAL СAB, 100 pieces.
980.00 р.
This unique Chinese medicine preparation made from natural calcium salt derived from oyster shells. Calcium is an essential mineral for proper functioning of the body. Thanks to it (calcium) is provided by the activity of proteins and enzymes in a variety of processes in the human body (the proce..
The capsules Ya Ra Bai to cleanse the body, 100pcs.
672.00 р.
Capsules Ya Ra Bai are made from the plant Cassia narrow-leaved (Indian Senna), growing in the countries of Southeast Asia. This tool is used to normalize the intestines, with constipation, for weight loss. The drug acts very gently, without pulling pains in the abdomen. When ap..
The drug for the treatment of fungal pathologies Flucozole 200 mg, 50 capsules.
5,320.00 р.
Fluconazole capsules ("Fluconazole") are used to treat and prevent candidiasis and other fungal infections. They belong to the group of triazoles. Situations in which the drug should be used These include: 1. Organ damage caused by fungi of the genus Cryptococcus. They are meningit..
Trankal for the treatment of pathologies of the spine and joints, 100 capsules.
7,000.00 р.
Trankal capsules ("Trankal") - a unique tool for the treatment of diseases associated with malfunctioning of the musculoskeletal system. Its peculiarity lies in carefully selected components that are effective and at the same time safe. The effectiveness and minimal risk of “side effects” are con..
Tylenol tablets 500 mg, 4 tablets.
47.60 р.