Thai drugs for the treatment of female pathologies. Capsules and tinctures on a plant basis. Cream and ointment.

Thai drugs for the treatment of female pathologies. Capsules and tinctures on a plant basis. Cream and ointment.
Antibacterial pads with silver, 18 pcs.
200.00 р.
Women's panty liners. They have an antibacterial effect, as they contain silver ions. Produced by a company known in Southeast Asia and popular throughout the world. Features of women's pads Laurier: First, they perfectly absorb all vaginal discharge, ensuring the purity of ..
Breast Enhancement Cream Beautify Bust Bio Serum CREAM, 60 grams.
825.00 р.
Cream for improving the shape of the breast. It is based on milk proteins, extracts from fruits, extracts of medicinal plants. It makes the skin in this place more taut and elastic. Produced in Thailand. Contains: ● vitamins and trace elements (heal the skin, saturating it with everything nec..
Capsules for the treatment of female infertility, 80 pcs.
2,625.00 р.
These capsules are a unique development by scientists from Thailand to improve the reproductive function of women. They do not contain a single synthetic substance, therefore they are effective and at the same time safe. The main active components of a dietary supplement These include: ..
Capsules Kra Chai Dam, 100 pcs.
1,000.00 р.
The basis of preparation of the plant, known as "black galangal" or "Thai ginseng", which is used since ancient times to improve body tone, strengthen the potency and overall health. The drug Kra Chai Dam is extensive and covers a wide variety of systems in human organs. Indications for use: ..
Capsules of Bam Rung Ro Hit to ease menopause symptoms, 100 pcs.
700.00 р.
Climax - a difficult time in the life of any representative of the weak half of humanity, regardless of its state of health. In the hormonal restructuring of the human body in connection with the achievement of the average age there are: ● malfunction of the nervous system, manifested ..
Capsules Pueraria Mirifica for improving the health of women, 100 pcs.
875.00 р.
Thai capsules "Pueraria Mirifika" are designed specifically for women. They are completely natural vitamins to maintain health. In addition, they were supplemented with phytoestrogen, which is responsible for youth. The presented product does not belong to the group of medicines and is a die..
Capsules to improve skin condition and weight loss Be-fit Pink Collagen, 60 capsules.
2,250.00 р.
With the help of these Thai capsules you can lose those extra pounds, improve the skin condition, and also generally feel much better. They include such components as: • collagen - the "building material" of the skin, which provides its strength and at the same time elasticity; • coenzyme Q..
Capsules with L-carnitine Yanhee for burning fat and enhancing training efficiency, 30 capsules.
925.00 р.
Capsules are produced by the Thai Bangkok hospital Yanhee (Yanghi), which specializes in programs to reduce body weight. Doctors and pharmacists of the hospital have a huge experience of similar developments and have scientific degrees in this field of medicine and dietology. The main conten..
Collagen capsules with grape seed extract, 60 capsules.
1,875.00 р.
These capsules are a source of natural collagen, which is the basis of connective tissue in the human body. With its shortage, it becomes fragile and inelastic, which, in turn, leads to the appearance of a variety of diseases. The composition of the biologically active additives The pre..
Cream for strengthening and increasing the size of the breast BIO-ANNE, 60 ml.
625.00 р.
This cosmetic product in its composition contains Pueraria Mirifica extract, collagen and complexes of natural oils from plants growing in the countries of Southeast Asia. The modern formula of bio-active cream developed specifically for the care of feeding women. The drug contributes to a m..
Cream for whitening intimate areas Pannamas, 40 ml.
450.00 р.
Cream for the bikini area with a skin whitening effect. Designed and released in Thailand. It is based on medicinal herbs, vitamins, in particular, B3 (vitamin PP, nicotinic acid), B5 (pantothenic acid), C (ascorbic acid), E, ​​coenzyme Q10. Does not contain substances that can harm health and ..
Cream to eliminate stretch marks DR.JAMES, 200 ml.
1,000.00 р.
The cream with a new specially designed formula contains natural aloe vera extract, ginkgo biloba and vitamin E. The product regenerates the structure of deep layers of the skin, with the regular use of the cream, the skin becomes smooth, reduces the size and severity of stretch marks. The drug r..
Depilatory cream Konaka, 50 ml.
350.00 р.
A very popular and effective cream in Thailand. Easily and painlessly removes unwanted hair from the skin of the arms, legs, underarms and bikini area. With continued use hairs in areas applying the cream gradually become thinner and suspend its development. The drug has a delightful pink flavor...
Drinkable Blink Collagen 6000 mg, 1 serving.
187.50 р.
Drinking collagen DONUTT, 15 sachets of 10 grams.
1,500.00 р.
Thai drinking collagen DONUTT Drinking collagens from Thailand are based on national recipes. They help to rejuvenate the body and improve the general condition. The drugs are often used as a prophylactic agent that strengthens bone and cartilage tissue. Drinking collagens are of two types: ..
Drops to increase sexuality and excitability of women, 60 ml.
400.00 р.
Thai drug "MohMee's U-thai Refreshment Drop" consists exclusively of natural plant components, in particular, concentrated extracts of petals and inflorescences of many exotic and medicinal plants cultivated in the countries of South-East Asia. The drug has a complex effect on the woman's bo..
Essence of Care Breast skin "Belov Beauty Breast Essence", 200 ml.
375.00 р.
Essence for the rejuvenation of the skin of the breast. Based on ginseng - a medicinal plant, known for several centuries and used to treat and prevent diseases, strengthen the body in general. Produced in Thailand - where people are closest to nature and know how to use what gives the earth...
Female patch for pain with PMS Gold Princess, 5 pcs.
600.00 р.
This patch is designed specifically for women. It reduces pain and alleviates the condition of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). There is nothing in it that could be harmful to health, therefore it is allowed to be used even by those who are prone to skin irritation and allergies. The action of t..