All the best from the national cuisine of Thailand! Thai authentic seasonings and spices, curry pastes and coconut milk, sweets and snacks!

All the best from the national cuisine of Thailand! Thai authentic seasonings and spices, curry pastes and coconut milk, sweets and snacks!
100% natural coconut oil BANNA, 100 ml.
500.00 р.
BANNA Coconut Oil is cold pressed from selected coconuts cultivated in the Kingdom of Thailand. Thanks to the cold-pressed method, the oil retains all the beneficial trace elements and vitamins contained in coconuts. The oil contains a huge amount of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. ..
A set of Thai herbs for soup Tom Yam, 40 grams.
150.00 р.
This set of spices for cooking Thai Tom Yam soup, as well as soup Tom Kha Kai and several kinds of hot sauces (green curry, red curry and curry Phangan). The kit includes a plant cultivated in the countries of Southeast Asia:     Dried galangal root (20 grams). &..
A set of Thai spices for cooking green curry RosDee, 55 grams.
137.50 р.
Those who do not imagine their life without green curry can cook their favorite delicacy at home. To do this, it is enough to buy a set of Thai spices, writing to us. It has everything you need for green curry soup and fried rice. In particular, coconut milk and cream, chili-paste and, of cours..
Acid sweet and sour sauce SukiYaki with sesame, 280 ml.
112.50 р.
Thai sauce "SukiYaki", which contains sesame seeds, has a sharp taste and can be used for poultry and any type of meat, including soup. In general, it is universal. Once the inhabitants of Thailand borrowed it from Korean cuisine. Adding just a little to the soup, just one tablespoon of sauce..
Aromatic Szechuan pepper, 200 grams.
825.00 р.
Such Thai seasoning, like Szechuan pepper, has a peppery flavor with citrus notes. As for the taste, it is practically without that "traditional" witticism, but still with a bit bitter taste. The seasoning we are considering, despite its name, is not a pepper. This spice is obtained from the se..
Black sesame seeds
225.00 р.
Sesame seeds - seeds of herbaceous plants of the family, genus sesame having a pleasant nutty flavor and aroma. Has a second name - Sesame (from the Latin sesamum). Is a natural source of calcium. Content of calcium per 100 grams of product - 1100 mg at day rate of consumption for adult 900-1100 ..
Bouillon cubes Tom Yam, 6 pcs.
157.50 р.
Concentrate for the preparation of the broth of the famous Thai soup Tom Yam from the world famous brand Knorr. One cube (net weight 12 grams) is designed for 1 liter of broth. Cubes can be added not only to Tom Yam soup, but also to other soups, to give them a unique Thai flavor and ar..
Chili powder ground, 85 grams.
125.00 р.
One of the "classic" seasonings of Thailand and other Asian countries is the red chili pepper "Chile". It has a sharp taste and a tart aroma. 100% natural, does not contain dyes and flavors. In one bag of 100 grams. Produced in Thailand. The action of red pepper "Chile" Spic..
Chua Hah Seng pasta for making Tom Yam soup, 59 grams.
125.00 р.
Chua Hah Seng Pasta for Tom Yam Soup Traditional Thai cuisine is rich in original dishes with unusual flavors. Many of them require special ingredients to make. Thai cuisine is one of the main components of the culture of this country. Vegetables, seafood, meat, noodles and, of course, ..
Coconut milk (powdered), 300 grams.
475.00 р.
Natural 100% powder from the core walnut coconut in its composition no artificial additives, which are the flavors and preservatives. Throughout the production process the product did not change its biological and nutritional value. In the product contained 27% fat, 6% carbohydrate and 4% protein..
Coconut milk is a natural, 250 ml.
175.00 р.
This coconut milk is a 100% natural product made from the pulp of ripe coconut, without the presence of preservatives or dyes. Ingredients: processed coconut pulp and water. The fat content of this coconut milk is 12%. 100 milliliters contains 110 kilocalories. Coconut milk is used..
Coconut oil 100%, 1 litre.
3,750.00 р.
This coconut oil centrifuge coconut milk is obtained and is a product of superior quality (better even than oil). Is used in cooking, cosmetology. Use coconut oil for hair care, making day and night masks. Oil has beneficial effects on the roots of the hair, the hair bulbs, preventing premature h..
Concentrate for the preparation of lime juice, 400 grams.
600.00 р.
Thanks to this concentrate you can literally in a matter of seconds make 100% natural lime juice. One package contains 400 grams of dry powder, which is enough to prepare 1.2 liters of a drink. Lime juice is an indispensable ingredient in many cocktails. For example, mojito - one of the most po..
Concentrated coconut milk for the preparation of coconut cream CHAOKOH, 400 ml.
325.00 р.
f you love coconut and everything associated with it, then buy this milk in our online store to create a coconut cream. It is in a concentrated form, so it will last for a long time. A great way to bring brightness to everyday breakfasts, lunches and dinners, to please relatives and friends with ..
Creamy candies from Thailand with a taste of taro and fruit, 67 grams.
142.50 р.
Taro is a plant used in cooking in Thailand, Southeast Asia and other countries from the tropical climate zone. It is called the "analogue" of potato because of the appearance and starch content (about 20%). It contains a large amount of vitamin B6, ascorbic acid, iron, copper and potassium. ..
Crickets, fried in Thai spices, 6 packs of 15 grams..
3,305.00 р.
Exotic Thai snacks made from the larvae of real crickets, fried in spices and salt to the state of a pleasant appetizing crunch. This product is manufactured in factories and has an international GMP certificate. In addition to a pleasant original taste, fried crickets have a great nutrition..
Crispy chips from seaweed Big Sheet, 3.5 grams.
35.00 р.
Thai "chips" Big Sheet are designed for those who can not imagine their life without a snack and love to crunch, but do not want to gain a few extra pounds. They are completely natural - made exclusively from seaweed and do not contain artificial additives (colorants, flavors and preservatives). ..
Dried crocodile meat in spices, 130 grams.
1,575.00 р.
100% natural crocodile meat! Prepared in a special, unique technology without the use of dyes, flavors, preservatives and other substances that may be harmful to health. Perfect as a snack on the road, because it does not spoil for a very long time outside the refrigerator. Crocodile m..