Caltrate Silver 50+ is high in calcium and vitamin D3 to strengthen bones and treat osteoporosis.

Caltrate Silver 50+ is high in calcium and vitamin D3 to strengthen bones and treat osteoporosis.
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People over 40 have an increased risk of developing diseases associated with a lack of calcium in the bones. One of them is osteoporosis, which is a disorder of bone metabolism and manifests itself in excessive bone fragility. Also, a lack of this substance in combination with a low content of vitamin D leads to dental diseases. Most often - periodontal disease (destruction of the periodontium and, as a result, exposure of the necks of the teeth) and periodontitis (inflammatory and infectious lesion of the ligamentous apparatus of the teeth).

In order to protect yourself from problems caused by low calcium in the body, it is necessary to regularly replenish its reserves by taking appropriate medications, for example, Caltrate Silver 50+ capsules.

How do Caltrate tablets work?

They contain:

● calcium in the form of carbonate (it is absorbed much easier and faster), 1650 mg in one capsule;
● vitamin D3 in powder form, 4 mg per capsule.

The first and second components have a synergistic effect: when interacting with each other, they multiply the beneficial effect. As a result, your reserves of calcium and vitamin D are replenished.

Caltrate tablets are shown:

1. For the treatment and subsequent prevention of osteoporosis.
2. To eliminate and further prevent periodontal disease and periodontitis.
They can also be used to improve body growth, which is especially true for teenagers.


Caltrate tablets, like any other calcium and vitamin D formulation, should not be used if:

1. Allergies to calcium, vitamin D or other component included in the composition (all chemical compounds are indicated on the packaging and in the instructions).
2. High levels of calcium and / or vitamin D3.
3. Kidney stones.

Before buying, be sure to consult with a specialist to avoid side effects.

You should also tell your doctor about individual intolerance to something else (plant pollen, food, medicines).

How to take Caltrate Silver 50+?

Take one tablet with breakfast. If you missed the time of admission, the pill can be drunk at lunchtime or during dinner (but best of all in the first half of the day). You can drink it with water.

One package contains 120 pieces. It is designed for one course of treatment or prevention.

If you miss one appointment, then do not take two tablets. Just keep following the schedule.

Store tablets at room temperature out of the reach of sunlight, small children, and pets. Don't put them in the bathroom.

To buy Caltrate in our online store of goods from Thailand, place an order through the basket or contact the manager in WhatsApp. You can ask all your questions there. You will need to provide your last name, first name, patronymic, delivery address and mobile phone number.


Caltrate Silver 50+ is high in calcium and vitamin D3 to strengthen bones and treat osteoporosis.
Product Code: 1094000
Brand: Таиланд

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