Thai pills for fever, sore throat and to normalize bowel function.

Thai pills for fever, sore throat and to normalize bowel function.
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Herbal remedy for colds Bai Hor Brand Bitter Herbal Tablets

Bitter Herbal Tablets from the famous Thai brand Bai Hor Brand are a unique natural remedy that allows you to eliminate the signs of colds and the flu in a short period of time. In Thailand, they are sold in every pharmacy in the same way as we have Paracetamol or Analgin. The tool is sold in small boxes of 70 tablets.

Indications for use

This tool is recommended for the treatment of the following pathological conditions:

  •     viral diseases;
  •     fever;
  •     heat;
  •     sore throat;
  •     cough.

The tablets are recommended for use as a mild laxative to remove toxins that clog the body with any disease. In addition, they normalize the digestive tract, which will be very useful when taking antibiotics.

Composition and therapeutic effect

The preparation contains the following components:

  1.     Skullcap 30 mg. It has anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects. Eliminates headaches, helps the liver and stomach.
  2.     Turmeric 30 mg. It is a natural antibiotic and powerful antioxidant. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.
  3.     Tinospora cordifolia 140 g. It has a tonic effect on the body, helps with coughs and bronchitis, fever, indigestion.
  4.     Chinese Schisandra 20 g. Improves the respiratory system and intestinal motility, helps the liver to quickly process toxins, stimulates the immune system to fight pathogenic microorganisms.

Since the product consists of natural ingredients, it practically has no contraindications, except for intolerance to any of the herbal ingredients. If you do not take this into account, a possible allergic reaction that goes away on its own. However, this side effect appears in isolated cases.

How to take pills

According to the official instructions for use, the dosage of the drug should be as follows:

  •     adults drink four tablets three times a day before or after meals;
  •     children take two pieces three times a day, regardless of the process of eating.

The course of treatment depends on the disease and its severity! The drug should be taken until the condition relieves. Drink with plenty of water or tea. If necessary, the dosage can be increased by 1-2 pieces.

Note! Store the medicine at temperatures up to +25 degrees, protecting from direct sunlight. Tablets are similar to pills, so they should be removed away from children so that they do not mistake them for candy.

Where to buy

You can buy herbal tablets in our online store. We are the official supplier of Thai manufacturers in Russia, so we can offer the most favorable prices.

By ordering products from us, you can avoid fakes. All goods have certificates of conformity, which, if necessary, we send to customers.


Thai pills for fever, sore throat and to normalize bowel function.
Product Code: 1104000
Brand: Таиланд

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