Thai effective remedy for eliminating helminth parasites (worms) based on the active substance albendazole.

Thai effective remedy for eliminating helminth parasites (worms) based on the active substance albendazole.
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Albendazole is a Thai preparation against worms and helminths, i.e. parasitic worms. In pharmacies and online stores, including us, is implemented as Albemed. It has a high level of efficiency. It is used to treat almost all diseases that have appeared due to the foreign microorganisms listed above.
The processes that begin to take place after the drug we are using are very similar to taking benzimidazole.
The undoubted advantage of Albendazole is that it does not damage liver cells, as do other similar drugs.
Who can not use Albemed?
There are two situations in which you can not use Albemed - the expectation of a child and his breastfeeding.
What can the use of Albemed do?
Despite the effectiveness of Albemed, he has several "pobochek". These include:
• nausea;
• other unpleasant sensations in the abdomen;
• headache.
In one pack six tablets, which is especially important for travel. For complete relief from worms, it is enough to drink a course of six tablets (1 tablet per day, half an hour after a meal, or 2 tablets per day at a time, for three days).

This drug can be used for children from 2 years.


Thai effective remedy for eliminating helminth parasites (worms) based on the active substance albendazole.
Product Code: 721000
Brand: Таиланд

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