A natural Thai preparation from the blood of the crocodile Crocodile Blood Capsule to combat severe pathologies.

A natural Thai preparation from the blood of the crocodile Crocodile Blood Capsule to combat severe pathologies.
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Capsules made on the basis of crocodile blood are a medicine used to normalize blood counts, treat diabetes mellitus, benign and malignant neoplasms, AIDS, stimulate the natural defenses of the human body.

Blood crocodile is prepared in three stages:

● checking for bacteria, fungi, viruses and other contaminants;
● treatment in the form of a single heating to a high temperature (pasteurization);
● freezing;
● drying.

As a result, a substance containing proteins, vitamins, trace elements (from micronutrients most of iron) and insulin-like agent IGF1 is obtained.

Diseases in which capsules with crocodile blood are relevant

To diseases in which capsules with crocodile blood are relevant, is:

1. Insufficient blood counts, first of all, low erythrocytes, platelets and hemoglobin.
2. Diabetes mellitus. Insulin-like agent IGF1 with almost the same efficacy as an artificial analogue, reduces the amount of sugar in the blood. Only he, unlike the latter, is completely safe and has no pobochek.
3. Oncology. Crocodile blood contributes to the production of red blood cells and platelets, increases the level of hemoglobin. As a result, the patient's resistance to aggressive chemotherapy and radiation therapy is improved.
4. AIDS. Crocodile blood has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral components that prolong the life of people with AIDS.
5. Poor immunity. Crocodile blood strengthens the human body, makes it more enduring from the physical, mental and psychological points of view.

Also capsules with crocodile blood will be useful to athletes. With them you will be easier to carry daily exercise, less tired.

How to use?

Swallow, with half a glass of water, one or two a day for half an hour before breakfast, lunch or dinner.

In one package 30 pieces. It takes a fortnight or a month.

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A natural Thai preparation from the blood of the crocodile Crocodile Blood Capsule to combat severe pathologies.
Product Code: 845000
Brand: Таиланд

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