Thai crispy seaweed snacks with different flavors. Made according to traditional Japanese recipes.

Thai crispy seaweed snacks with different flavors. Made according to traditional Japanese recipes.
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Thai "chips" Big Sheet are designed for those who can not imagine their life without a snack and love to crunch, but do not want to gain a few extra pounds. They are completely natural - made exclusively from seaweed and do not contain artificial additives (colorants, flavors and preservatives). They can be eaten even by those who are prone to allergies to food (the exception is people with individual intolerance to seaweed).


The presented product is made from Laminaria seaweed. At all stages of the preparation of the snack, including drying, unique Japanese recipes are used. Due to this, it retains the maximum benefit, in particular, a large amount:

● iodine, which is not enough for people living away from the sea;
● vitamin C (ascorbic acid);
● macro- and microelements.

Thus, Big Sheet is allowed for both adults and children.

Where and how to buy?

There are several flavors in our online store of original Thai products. Among them:

1. Classic. Ideal for those who prefer the traditional taste and aroma of seaweed.
2. Spicy. Chili pepper is added to the chips.
3. Fish. This snack will be a great addition to beer and football.
4. Cheesy. The chips are quite noticeable cheese notes, which at the same time do not interrupt the main taste and aroma.
5. With shrimp. The chips are very reminiscent of the Thai "Tom Yam Kung."

All tastes are presented in large packaging, which is enough for the whole family. Her weight is sixty grams. Shelf life is six months, subject to storage conditions - put the bag in a dark place with a temperature of no higher than 25 degrees Celsius and low humidity (everything is written on a pack).

To buy chips, place an order in one of the following ways:

1. Through the basket. To do this, click on the button called "Buy" near the product and fill in the required fields. They will need to provide the data of the recipient of the package: last name, first name, middle name, delivery address and mobile phone number.
2. Through the manager. To do this, send a message to one of the messengers. Do not forget to write the name of the product or attach a link to it.

Write, we will be happy to answer all questions.


Thai crispy seaweed snacks with different flavors. Made according to traditional Japanese recipes.
Product Code: 1009000
Brand: Таиланд

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