Original Thai delicacy - crickets baked with spices and salt.

Original Thai delicacy - crickets baked with spices and salt.
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Brand: Таиланд
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Exotic Thai snacks made from the larvae of real crickets, fried in spices and salt to the state of a pleasant appetizing crunch. This product is manufactured in factories and has an international GMP certificate.

In addition to a pleasant original taste, fried crickets have a great nutritional value, as they contain a large amount of protein and are prepared according to a special recipe, with a minimum oil content and no substances that are harmful to health.

As part of the product, the manufacturer indicates exclusively natural ingredients:

  • Natural crickets (about 94%)
  • Thai spices (4.5%)
  • Salt (0.5%)
  • Vegetable oil (1%)

This product will appeal not only to lovers of exotic food, but also to everyone who loves healthy and natural food.

The manufacturer offers three types of these products - in white, black and red packaging. The red and white packs contain silkworm larvae, and the black ones contain small grasshoppers. Also, the colors of the packs have different flavors:

  • white - original classic taste (no special additives);
  • black - spicy taste with chili;
  • red - spicy barbecue.

The package contains 6 sachets of 15 grams of crispy fried crickets.


Original Thai delicacy - crickets baked with spices and salt.
Product Code: 608000
Brand: Таиланд

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