Soft jelly-like sweets with a nut-pistachio flavor.

Soft jelly-like sweets with a nut-pistachio flavor.
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Taro is a plant used in cooking in Thailand, Southeast Asia and other countries from the tropical climate zone. It is called the "analogue" of potato because of the appearance and starch content (about 20%). It contains a large amount of vitamin B6, ascorbic acid, iron, copper and potassium.

Taro-flavored creamy sweets are a tasty and healthy dessert that you can take with you to work, study or travel. They are very popular at home and are sold in almost all stores, even in small ones. And this is the most convincing argument in favor of the quality of the goods.

Candy Pluses
  • First, they compensate for the lack of glucose and do not harm health, like chocolates from the mass market. It is not always possible to have a tight breakfast, and a couple of hours after leaving the house, the efficiency decreases. If you feel hungry, then eat a couple of sweets - the muscles and the head will be filled with energy to continue physical and mental work.
  • Secondly, they are made from natural and tested ingredients, so they do not cause allergies and other unpleasant consequences. But to consult with a specialist will not be superfluous, as taro is an exotic fruit.
  • Due to the fact that the candies presented are natural, they are allowed to be given to children.
  • Third, they do not damage the enamel like caramel and do not stick to the teeth.
  •  like toffee They are comfortable to eat. They are soft, with the texture of ice cream and filling in the form of jelly.
In our online store are candy and with other flavors:

● corn;
● lychee and milk;
● strawberries and milk;
● banana and milk;
● grapes and milk;
● watermelon.

The volume of packaging (excluding the weight of the package itself) is 65 grams, it has 18 pieces. The country of origin is Thailand.
Already dreaming to taste taro-flavored creamy candy or fruit? Then do not postpone the matter indefinitely and buy them right now! To place an order, add the product to the cart, and follow the instructions (you need to enter information to send the parcel - last name, first name, patronymic, address of the real place of residence with an index, mobile phone number). You can also contact the manager through social networks. Links to instant messengers are listed on the site.



Soft jelly-like sweets with a nut-pistachio flavor.
Product Code: 655000
Brand: Таиланд

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