Fragrant universal SukiYaki sauce for cooking or adding to any Thai cuisine.

Fragrant universal SukiYaki sauce for cooking or adding to any Thai cuisine.
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Thai sauce "SukiYaki", which contains sesame seeds, has a sharp taste and can be used for poultry and any type of meat, including soup.
In general, it is universal. Once the inhabitants of Thailand borrowed it from Korean cuisine.
Adding just a little to the soup, just one tablespoon of sauce with a punning name for a Russian, you get a real Korean first dish with an incredible taste and aroma.
In addition, the sauce we are considering is served with seafood and a side dish of fried rice noodles. But since it is universal, you can experiment and, for example, pour shish kebab and vegetables.
Before using the Thai sauce "SukiYaki" shake the bottle several times. Keep it in a cool place.
The bottle is made of plastic. Its volume is 280 ml. The producer country is Thailand.
In order to buy the described sauce, add it to the basket and place an order, following the instructions. Also, if you have any difficulties, you can write to one of the messengers.


Fragrant universal SukiYaki sauce for cooking or adding to any Thai cuisine.
Product Code: 717000
Brand: Таиланд

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