Thai delicacy - natural crocodile meat in pepper and spices from the Nattapak brand.

Thai delicacy - natural crocodile meat in pepper and spices from the Nattapak brand.
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100% natural crocodile meat! Prepared in a special, unique technology without the use of dyes, flavors, preservatives and other substances that may be harmful to health. Perfect as a snack on the road, because it does not spoil for a very long time outside the refrigerator.

Crocodile meat features

The most important thing is to remember that crocodile meat is an exotic product. If you try it for the first time, then be careful - an allergic reaction is possible.

It tastes like chicken and a little bit like fish, and its consistency is like beef. Ideal with all traditional Thai sauces, but most of all with spicy and sweet and sour. It can be supplemented with vegetables (onions, ginger), red or white dry wine.

The specifics of the production of crocodile meat

The crocodile meat offered by us is made on officially registered farms in Thailand, which guarantees a high level of delicacy quality. At the same time special grills are used - different parts of the animal are stacked on them, cut into small pieces, and dried for several hours.


It is represented only by natural ingredients:

● Siamese crocodile meat (90% of the volume);
● vegetable oil;
● seasonings and herbs;
● salt;
● sugar.

  1. Firstly, crocodile meat is considered the most environmentally friendly. It does not have such a destructive effect as it does on other animals raised for human consumption.
  2. Secondly, it contains monounsaturated fats that bind to and bring out bad cholesterol.
  3. Thirdly, in it, as in any other meat, a lot of protein and vitamin B12.
  4. In addition, crocodile cartilage has anti-arthritic and anti-carcinogenic effects.
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In the package 130 grams of delicious and fragrant crocodile meat, cooked in strict accordance with the technology. The country of origin is Thailand.



Thai delicacy - natural crocodile meat in pepper and spices from the Nattapak brand.
Product Code: 900000
Brand: Таиланд

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