Gel with the active ingredient piroxicam, for quick relief of severe pain in muscles, joints and spine.

Gel with the active ingredient piroxicam, for quick relief of severe pain in muscles, joints and spine.
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Counterpain Plus analgesic ointment has the form of a gel, due to which it is applied quickly and without “smudges”. But the most important thing is that it is a 2 in 1 remedy: not only relieves the condition, but also stops the inflammatory process.

It is used for pains of any localization, including pain in muscles, joints and bones. In addition, it can be used to relieve discomfort during sprain and tearing of ligaments.

Composition and effect of painkiller ointment

It contains only natural, time-tested components:

● menthol;
● eugenol (analogue of clove oil);
● piroxicam
● methyl salicylate (a completely safe chemical compound, which is proven in laboratory conditions);
● excipients.

It is often bought by athletes and those who deal with regular physical activity, as they are most prone to bruises and injuries.

The main properties include:

● elimination of pain in muscles, joints and bones;
● relief of inflammation;
● reduction of puffiness;
● removal of irritation (rash, redness, itching).

How to use a painkiller ointment?

In accordance with the following instructions:

1. Open the package.
2. Squeeze out some of the contents.
3. Apply it to a sore spot, then rub it with gentle, but strong enough massage movements.

The presented product does not need to be washed off.

Before using it, be sure to conduct an allergy test. There is nothing complicated in it: distribute the gel on the back of your hand and wait 5 to 10 minutes. If there are no signs of irritation (rash, redness, itching), then everything is fine. Otherwise, flush skin with plenty of water and, if necessary, seek medical advice.

Refrain from using painkiller ointment during pregnancy and lactation. Do not use it on open wounds (abrasions, cuts) and mucous membranes.

The original packaging is painted in two shades: silver and yellow. Net weight - twenty-five and fifty grams (optional). Country of origin - Thailand.

You can buy Counterpain Plus in our Thai products online store. Leave a request in the basket (tell the name, delivery address and mobile phone number) or contact a specialist through WhatsApp or Viber. All contact details are on the site.


Gel with the active ingredient piroxicam, for quick relief of severe pain in muscles, joints and spine.
Product Code: 978000
Brand: Таиланд

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