Means for relieving pain and warming up muscles in training in Thai boxing and other martial arts.

Means for relieving pain and warming up muscles in training in Thai boxing and other martial arts.
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This Thai oil with a warming and analgesic effect is created specifically for professional athletes, boxers.
It is used both before and after training. Relieves pain in muscles and ligaments, promotes excretion of lactic acid from the body. Its effectiveness is confirmed at the international level.
The oil we are considering can be used not only by professional athletes, boxers, but also by ordinary people - those who suffer from severe pain after physical exertion or because of diseases such as rheumatism and arthrosis.
It can be applied to the following parts of the body:
• Back;
• small of the back;
• shoulders;
• arms;
• chest;
• the stomach;
• Buttocks;
• caviar.
How to use?
Take a little oil and put on a "problem" place. The use is not allowed on areas of the body with open wounds, for example, scratches or abrasions, as well as during pregnancy and lactation. If the substance gets on the mucous membrane or in the eyes, rinse it with plenty of water and, if necessary, seek medical help from a doctor.
To buy this oil, write to us in one of the instant messengers or make an order yourself. The rooms are listed on the website.


Means for relieving pain and warming up muscles in training in Thai boxing and other martial arts.
Product Code: 697000
Brand: Таиланд

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