Thai herbal remedy Plu Khao for the treatment of skin pathologies, viral diseases and prevention of oncology.

 Thai herbal remedy Plu Khao for the treatment of skin pathologies, viral diseases and prevention of oncology.
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"Plu Khao" - capsules that are used to restore the normal state of the skin and treat other diseases associated with "pollution" of the lymphatic system.

These capsules are a great alternative to pharmacy medicines. The fact is that they are 100% natural, therefore they are effective and at the same time do not cause any harm to the body and have no contraindications (the exception is allergy to one or several components). Designed and manufactured in Thailand.

The composition of herbal remedies and indications for use

The basis of the means is a plant called hauttuynia heart-shaped. It is very valuable to us, people, because:

1. Clears the lymphatic system, eliminates lymphatic stasis. Capsules are effective in the inflammatory process in the lymph nodes, lymphadenitis, and all other ailments in this area.
2. Eliminates dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema.
3. Removes all signs of irritation on the skin - small pimples, itching and redness.
4. Kills fungus on the skin and nails.

Throughout the aforementioned heart-shaped Houttuins, they help:

● eringium (20% of the total);
● Rhinocantus (5% of the composition of each capsule);
● Butey is gorgeous (5% of the total).

The high level of quality and safety of the product is confirmed by the presence of a certificate issued according to international standards. The document in electronic format by e-mail can be sent to any client, just make a request.

How to use phytopreparation?

In strict accordance with the following dosage: two or three pieces a few minutes before meals three times a day. It is best to drink water at room temperature.

Before buying capsules, be sure to consult with a specialist. Despite the fact that they have no contraindications, they may not be suitable for the individual characteristics of the organism.

Well, if you have already done this, then place an order. You can use one of 2 ways: add the product to the cart of our online store (you will need to write your name, address and phone number) or contact the manager by phone or through social networks (all contact details are on the site). We will deliver the parcel not only safe and sound, but also as soon as possible.


Thai herbal remedy Plu Khao for the treatment of skin pathologies, viral diseases and prevention of oncology.
Product Code: 071100
Brand: Таиланд

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