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Ointment "Seven Stars" from allergic swelling, rashes and skin infections, 12 grams.
230.00 р. 276.00 р.
In the ointment "Seven Stars" includes zinc oxide, sulfur, menthol, camphor. The ointment is intended for the treatment of various skin disorders:     Treatment of acne and skin irritation.     Removal of skin swelling.    ..
Benda tablets (Mebendazole) for parasites and worms, 500 mg.
207.00 р. 276.00 р.
Thai Benda tablets, based on a chemical compound called Mebendazole, are used to treat diseases associated with parasite infections. Of course, to diagnose a state of health, you need to seek the help of a doctor and nothing else, but we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the s..
Thai syrup Tiffy dey for relieving cold symptoms, 60 ml.
253.00 р. 391.00 р.
Syrup with two main substances - paracetamol and chlorphenamine. One of the most effective ways to “get up” with colds and flu. Produced by Tiffy (Thailand). The volume of the jar is 60 ml. The result of the use of syrup There are several results from using syrup: ● first, breathin..
Thai Puer, 15 years of aging.
230.00 р. 345.00 р.
Thai Pu-Erh tea, fifteen years old The famous Thai Pu-erh tea, aged for 15 years, is harvested in the ecologically clean highlands of Thailand. It is very popular due to its complex positive effects on the body. It is realized in points, pressed in the form of a cup (10 pieces in a pac..
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